Why Did King Von Have Beef With Quando Rondo

Some believed King Von did have a beef with Youngboy NBA.

The most obvious potential beef between King Von and Youngboy NBA, Quando Rondo’s mentor, is that King Von shared photos of themselves hanging with Jania, Youngboy’s ex-girlfriend. Even though King Von insisted that they were just working together on music, the two rappers were still agitated by this. Article continues below advertisement.

However, on Nov. 5, King Von confirmed that he did not have any beef with Youngboy NBA. He says in his video, “Ain’t no rap beef and ain’t no real beef, unless somebody got shot or something …” Maybe Quando Rondo and his crew saw that as a challenge, and they wanted to defend Youngboy’s honor. But King Von insisted there was no beef to begin with.Article continues below advertisement

King Von and Quando Rondo might have had a beef between them.

Even though it’s very difficult to tell if Quando Rondo and King Von had personal animosity, it’s obvious that they belonged to two distinct social circles. Quando Rondo recently signed with NBA Youngboy, and King Von recently signed with rapper Lil Durk. Given their close proximity to these more seasoned rappers, it’s plausible that King Von and Quando Rondo’s beef was influenced by their associations with Lil Durk and Youngboy NBA.

Quando and King Von had a long-standing feud that wasn’t settled at the time of Von’s murder, which could explain Quando’s apparent indifference to Von’s death.

During a conversation with Dirty Glove Bastard for their “Off The Porch” series, which was released on Thursday, May 25, the native of Savannah, Georgia expressed his distaste for Lil Durk. AD.

Additionally, despite the fact that he was later detained on drug-related charges in October of last year, Von’s murder trial has not yet been scheduled.

Rondo held a distinct viewpoint regarding Lul Tim, the person purportedly accountable for the demise of Durk’s close associate and accomplice, King Von AD.

Following the altercation, fans expressed their displeasure with the QPac rapper, writing things like, “Quando shouldn’t be doing this 1 cause he got his ass beat by him,” and “He should have added how von whipped his ass before that though.” ”.