What To Serve With Corned Beef And Cabbage Dinner

18. Ultimate Twice-Baked Potatoes

It’s simple to overlook twice-baking potatoes in favor of speedier, more widely used techniques like roasting and mashing, but the results could be some of the tastiest sides you’ve ever made. When the potato skins are mashed with butter, sour cream, and milk and combined with cheese, crispy bacon bits, and finely chopped green onions, your filling takes a whole new dimension.

After adding even more of these toppings, the potatoes are baked until they have a delicious golden-brown crisp. It’s a delicious side dish that can also be eaten by itself.

St. Patrick’s Day might not seem like a holiday for the grill, but after you make this cabbage The sweetness that emerges from the vegetable is complemented by the smokiness from roasting it. A herbal chimichurri completes the dish, making it a warm salad side that’s perfect for a chilly late-winter day. Although firing up the grill may seem like a major hassle, you won’t have to settle for soggy cabbage when you can have this dish that’s both tender and charred.

Mashed potatoes are still tasty but require less work on your legs when they are smashed. This is the recommended option for those who want their mash to have more texture. When you use baby red potatoes, you get a lot more skin for a contrast in texture, and the dish has a more rustic appearance when the potatoes are left chunky. Though we will never be against mashed potatoes, consider smashing them if you want your corned beef to have a bit more bite.

15. Fresh Green Bean Almondine

A satisfying crunch is something that corned beef dinners frequently lack. A traditional French dish, green bean almondine provides the desired textural contrast with its combination of firm green beans and slivered almonds.

This version gains some savory umami depth and acidity from the addition of grated Parmesan and a small amount of lemon juice. Despite what the simple preparation would imply, this side contributes far more to the conversation. Fresh, bright, and crunchy, its everything your corned beef needs.

26. Easy Fondant Potatoes

Though it’s not as popular in the US, this lovely side will elevate your corned beef dinner to a five-star experience. These rich potatoes are from France, where else? They’re buttery and tender and take a little more work, but the fuss is well worth it.

After peeling and browning, potatoes are finished in the oven and basted in butter and stock. You’ll get picture-perfect potatoes that are drenched in flavor and will yield to your fork more readily than the butter they were drenched in; it’s not a difficult process, it just takes time.