What Temperature To Slow Cook Beef Curry In Oven

Can I Make a Dairy Free Baked Beef Curry?

Sure, without a doubt, as the majority of the curry is naturally gluten-free. The only minor adjustment is to use one tablespoon of vegetable oil at the beginning rather than the butter knob.

What Temperature To Slow Cook Beef Curry In Oven

Can I Use a Different Meat?

If you are against eating beef, lamb would be a good substitute. You could try use chunks of lamb shoulder or neck.

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When making this curry for yourself, don’t forget to taste it and adjust the seasoning, the amount of curry powder, the water, etc. to suit your taste each time you remove the pot from the oven to add the chickpeas or to stir it. Everybody has different tastes in food, so the only way to figure out what you like and what works for you is to taste as you go, regardless of the recipe you use and adjust the flavor to suit your palate.

Based on my limited knowledge of curry, the customary spices utilized may vary depending on the area or even family preference. These dishes have specific names, and the addition of spices—whole or ground, cooked or raw—at different times and to different degrees can yield different outcomes.

Food waste is one of the many things that wiggle around and get under my skin. I want to be able to use the ingredients I buy specifically for a recipe, rather than having to throw them away if I only need a small amount. Is the proverb “Waste not, Want not” still in use? My mother used to say it.