What Is The American Version Of Wagyu Beef

What Does American Wagyu Taste Like?

Although American wagyu and imported Japanese wagyu are very similar, American wagyu tastes slightly meatier and is less buttery than imported Japanese wagyu, which has an umami flavor. In addition to being more affordable and convenient, U. S. Because wagyu beef tends to appeal more to American palates, it is produced. The majority of beef consumed in America comes from Black Angus cattle, so crossing angus with Japanese wagyu results in a more comforting and savory experience.

Nevertheless, American wagyu is still regarded as an opulent meat. American wagyu has a strong, buttery, and slightly sweet flavor when cooked to perfection. Because American wagyu comes in larger portions, some people might find it more enjoyable, whereas Japanese wagyu could become overwhelming after just a few rich bites.

American wagyu has more versatile uses than Japanese wagyu. While using Japanese wagyu in anything other than a steak would be nearly sinful, American-raised wagyu ground beef is ideal for a succulent gourmet burger. Of course, a grilled, pan-seared, or roasted steak is the ideal way to enjoy the meat by itself.

What Is The American Version Of Wagyu Beef

How American Wagyu Is Graded

American wagyu is rated by the USDA, just like any other meat produced in the country. The USDA employs a 0–5 grading system called BMS, which is based on the meat’s quality and degree of marbling. Meat classified as “select” is defined as having a BMS of 0 to 1. “Prime” is BMS4 to 5, and “choice” is BMS2 to 3. Due to its abundant marbling, American wagyu is regarded as a premium cut of beef.

Japanese wagyu beef is graded from 0 to 12, with Japanese A5 wagyu being the highest grade and receiving a BMS9 to 12 or higher. The best American wagyu, graded BMS5 or higher, is only comparable to Japanese wagyu grade A3 or A4.

Additionally, American wagyu is ranked according to the genetic makeup of the cattle used. As was previously mentioned, American wagyu cows can be descended from crossbred cattle or from Japanese cattle descendants. As a result, when grading American wagyu, the level of breeding and generational distance matter. American wagyu still fall into two categories if they aren’t crossbred: purebred and full-blooded.

Purebred wagyu tested genetically to have at least 93 75% pure Japanese wagyu DNA. Although their exact ancestry is unknown, genetic testing demonstrates that purebred American and Japanese wagyu are genetically quite similar. On the other hand, full-blooded wagyu are 10%20100% descended from genuine Japanese cattle. Only two full-blooded parents are allowed to produce full-blooded wagyu, and they cannot exhibit any signs of crossbreeding.

What Is The American Version Of Wagyu Beef

To refer to American wagyu, one may also use the terms F1, F2, F3, and F4. Things start to get a little complicated at this point because each level relates to the genetic worth of a mating pair and their progeny. In terms of American wagyu breeding, the following are ranked from lowest to highest percentage of Japanese wagyu DNA:

  • F1: 20500-0%20Japanese%20wagyu%20and%20500%%20domestic, like the progeny of a Japanese Black bull and an American Black Angus heifer F1 is also sometimes called “domestic wagyu. ” .
  • F2: F1 cow crossed with full-blood Japanese wagyu bull. 75% Japanese wagyu.
  • F3: F2 cow crossed with full-blood Japanese wagyu bull. 87. 5% Japanese wagyu.
  • F4: F3 cow crossed with full-blood Japanese wagyu bull. Considered purebred. Over 93. 75% Japanese wagyu.

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