What Cut Of Beef Is Best For Jerky

Are There Other Cuts Used in Beef Jerky?

As you’ve already learned about the six most frequently used cow parts, you may have wondered what portion of the cow is used to make beef jerky. But are they the only parts used?.

While there are six primary varieties of beef cuts utilized in the production of beef jerky, these are not the only ones. Many cuts can be used for jerky. In addition to the cuts we’ve already discussed, ground beef, chuck roast, brisket, and tenderloin can all be used to make jerky.

You can create various flavor profiles by utilizing different parts of the cow. This permits diversity in the meat’s flavors, tastes, and consistency. For example, a beef jerky made from more marbling will occasionally be juicier than a jerky made from a conventional cow part (like top round).

What Part of the Cow is Best for Beef Jerky, Though?

Affordability and taste are important to almost everyone, so the question still stands: which beef cuts and portions will make the best jerky? What portion of the cow is best for jerky? Therefore, a person’s preferred cut of meat may not be the best option for another. Any of the beef cuts covered in this guide can be used to make delicious jerky.

If you want the leanest cut of meat that provides the most value for your money, go for the top round. Additionally, since most major manufacturers use either top or bottom round beef to make their jerky, top round will give you the familiar jerky flavor.

If you want more flavor and don’t mind spending a little more on your jerky, short loin is the best option. Some of the best steak cuts, such as porterhouse and NY Strip steak, originate from the short loin. This can create a delectable jerky experience for you. But be advised—once you try this kind of jerky, you might never go back to ordinary beef jerky!

Pork Loin & Tenderloin –

Although a bit more fatty, this cut is still my favorite when using pork Great for making pork jerky. Works incredibly well in sweet recipes, but it’s also excellent in spicy ones.

What Cut Of Beef Is Best For Jerky

  • Flavorful
  • Tender Jerky
  • Economical (relatively inexpensive)
  • Great with sweet recipes