What Are The Requirements For Angus/Certified Angus Beef

A: The same impartial USDA graders examine and assign a grade to black-hided cattle, which are characteristic of the Angus breed. The best Choice, or Prime, beef—truly the best of the best—must be the only beef taken into consideration for the brand. Then, this premium Angus beef is assessed once more using the brand’s ten scientifically based standards for size, uniformity, and marbling. Should it meet the standards, it is awarded the unique Certified Angus Beef ® brand label.

“Cattle have to be 51% black. “It’s the average of a pen, so if more than half of them are black, the entire pen qualifies. Is it the hair, the hide, or both?” The question is, “What if a few people are Holstein?” “Just add more spots and see if you can get more than 2051 percent?” “If they have enough black, they are in.” ”.

Though most people prefer to know what they’re talking about, reminding people why our brand begins with the phenotypic screen for solid black hides won’t stop the idle chatter. Thus keep in mind that ten years of record sales for the CAB brand were made possible by consistently improving Angus genetics for more than ten years, not by the color of the hide.

It was decided that Angus crosses should be “predominantly solid black” despite the possibility of a white face, underline, or other white markings. In order to be applied in the field, the USDA demanded a more objective measure, so 20%E2%80%9C51%%20or more%E2%80%9D%20was added as a further definition for 20%E2%80%9Cprimarily The initial specification, known as GL1 (Government Live 1), was exclusive to CAB.

After the market blowout last winter, the wild notion that adding up the spots might allow Holsteins to qualify reappeared. A major retailer removed Holstein beef from its orders, which had no connection to the animals’ continued exclusion from Angus programs and resulted in a decrease in the demand for fed Holsteins. Dairy-influence cattle have always been removed from CAB.

CAB was growing rapidly by 1996. USDA created Government Live Angus (GLA) as the phenotypic standard for all Angus certified programs using GL1 as the template after being asked to certify other Angus brands. While many others have come and gone to create the 83 G-Schedules for 146 programs, including 97 Angus, G1 still refers to CAB carcass specifications.

2 The beef’s medium to fine marbling texture, or the white “flecks of flavor” that guarantee constant flavor and juiciness in every mouthful

3 For the best color, texture, and tenderness, only A-maturity lean cattle that were harvested before 30 months of age according to their dentition were used.

Cattle must first exhibit Angus influences and have a solid black coat predominately in order to be eligible to bear the Certified Angus Beef ® label. Then, beef must pass our 10 quality standards: