Should You Brine A Turkey Breast Before Deep Frying

The BEST Turkey Brine

Since we have been brining our Thanksgiving turkeys for years, we have discovered that this is essential to a juicy and tender bird. No matter how you want to cook your turkey—we’ve tried everything from roasting to deep-frying to smoking—a good soak in a turkey brine improves the flavor every single time. And you’ll never find a better turkey brine recipe than this one!

Were talking eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head type good. More juicy, soft morsels of meat, whether you like your meat light or dark. And of course crispier skin with better flavoring. We firmly believe that this brine is the key to creating the most delicious turkey ever for your Thanksgiving feast, and it works like a charm!

This Thanksgiving turkey brine recipe is so easy to make—it only takes a few minutes! After that, your turkey rests in its briny bath for 12 to 24 hours, or until you’re ready to cook it. To reduce the amount of work you have on Thanksgiving Day, start working on other make-ahead dishes!

Should You Brine A Turkey Breast Before Deep Frying

Tips for the Best Turkey Brine

  • Use the precise amount and kind of salt specified in this recipe for turkey brine.
  • Dont try brining a Kosher turkey. It already has higher salt content than normal.
  • Make sure the brine solution covers the turkey all the way. If it floats to the top of your brining bucket, use an ice bag or a heavy plate with some cans on top to weigh it down. If their container is large, some find it useful to use a brining bag to ensure the turkey stays completely submerged.
  • Recall that after brining the turkey, there’s no need to salt it. It takes up a lot of salt from the brine solution, and the drippings for gravy will probably have enough salt in them already, so you might not even need to add more.
  • For optimal penetration, place the turkey breast side down in the brine solution. Rotate your turkey halfway through the brining process to ensure even coverage if the brine doesn’t completely cover it.

Best Deep Fried Turkey

You should try deep-frying your turkey because it’s a quick and easy way to cook it faster without compromising on flavor or moisture. Plus, you’ll have extra oven space after just 3 1/2 minutes per pound of turkey!

When I initially learned that a turkey could be deep-fried, I imagined that the bird would become extremely dry and Well, gross (I’m thinking of the Thanksgiving turkey that Cousin Eddy cooks in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which practically explodes when a sharp knife touches it and is hollow inside because it’s so dry). I was wrong. I was astounded by the turkey’s incredible moisture content and flavor depth. Don’t get me wrong, there is merit to slow-roasting a turkey, but this recipe is so easy and quick that you might never go back!