Is There A Such Thing As Beef Bacon

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$13 for one pound and shipping it frozen

Beef Bacon is bacon… made out of dry aged beef. It has a similar texture to its pork equivalent, but because we use dry aged beef, the end result has a concentrated flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted. Watch our co-founder James explain what makes it so special.

Hormone Free No Antibiotics Pasture-Raised

Is There A Such Thing As Beef Bacon

Our Beef Bacon comes from the beefs navel.

Cook Beef Bacon just like you would Pork Bacon. We recommend baking it for 12 to 20 minutes at 350°F in the oven. We usually tell people to stand by the oven because the bacon is almost done when they smell it.

Cuts to Use for Beef Bacon

A marbled cut of beef with both intramuscular and intermuscular fat is what you want. Beef belly (navel), brisket, and shortrib are cow cuts that are suitable for use. While it may be low in fat, grass-fed beef can be effective. Wagyu is prohibitively expensive and best eaten uncured.

While brisket or breast will work, the uneven distribution of intramuscular fat will result in both extremely lean and extremely fatty bacon pieces. Short ribs are best braised because they’re too small, pricey, and

Do You Have to Use Curing Salt in Bacon?

My opinion is yes. Bacon that has been uncured or nitrate-free is marketed as a healthier substitute for regular bacon. However, if you look at the ingredients list of nitrate-free bacon, you probably see celery juice or powder, which include naturally occurring forms of the compound known as sodium nitrite, or NaNO2, which is used to cure meat. Here are nine options from my neighborhood cooperative, featuring turkey bacon.

Is There A Such Thing As Beef Bacon

Sodium nitrite preserves the pink color of meat and helps cured meats from going bad. Plant-based additives may contain varying amounts of sodium nitrite, whereas industrial processes are used to standardize pink salt and typically cause it to turn pink for safety reasons. I would advise you to use whichever is in line with your own ethics as I have used both and had success with them.