Is Honey Baked Turkey Breast Processed

HoneyBaked Ham’s special cooking process is a well-kept secret

Many people associate the smoky flavor and sweet crunch of a fresh HoneyBaked Ham with holiday nostalgia. The company uses a unique process to produce the distinctive color, texture, and flavor that we have grown to love. Here is what we do know about the process used to make HoneyBaked Hams, even though the precise recipe is a family secret revealed by Hoenselaar himself.

After hand selecting the meat, each ham is cured for up to 24 hours. After that, the hams are smoked over a blend of hardwood chips for for another 24 hours, which they say is twice as long as the industry standard. Next, the hams are loaded in the spiral slicer, which continuously rotates to create evenly thick slices throughout the whole ham. Finally, once in store, the secret recipe glaze is applied to each ham one at a time by select employees who have had months of practice creating the perfect coating. The company says during the holidays, its master glazers will glaze as many as 60 hams an hour.

While we dont believe calories count at the holidays, there are third-party breakdowns of the nutritional value of HoneyBaked Hams. One serving of the classic, bone-in ham contains an estimated 170 calories and 9 grams of fat. The hams are packed with protein (about 16 grams per serving), but have a super high sodium content (nearly 1100 grams).

The HoneyBaked Ham company has stores all over the country

These days, its not hard for most Americans to get a HoneyBaked Ham on their dinner table. The company has nearly 500 locations in hundreds of cities across 40 states. Most of them are concentrated in the south and on the east coast. In Georgia alone, there are 44 locations. Florida has the second most locations, at 43 stores, followed by Texas with 38 locations.

You can also order your feast to be delivered straight to your door if you want to avoid the long lineups during the holidays at your neighborhood HoneyBaked Ham store. The company offers delivery services to clients nationwide from its participating locations through partnerships with DoorDash and Uber Eats.

The states that dont have any HoneyBaked Ham stores include, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming. However, that could change, as the company does offer franchising opportunities.

In 2018, HoneyBaked Ham revamped its brand identity

For those who remember Honey Baked Ham from their childhood, the company looks a lot different these days. In 2018, HoneyBaked Ham decided it was time to refresh its look. The company unveiled a whole new brand identity, complete with a revamped logo and an updated color palette of burgundy and warm orange. The menu got a makeover as well. HoneyBaked Ham released a whole lineup of new, gourmet side dishes and an upgraded lunch menu.

Then last year, the HoneyBaked Ham Company announced plans to launch a major remodeling program at all of its locations. Stores got a brand new look and feel inside and out. The changes included all new signage, awnings, and upgraded lighting and landscaping outside. Inside, the stores were redesigned to have a more “handcrafted feel and inviting environment that consumers associate with neighborhood delis and butcher shops,” according to the company. Stores were also updated with new technology aimed at improving the customer experience.