Is Beef Stew Good For Keto Diet

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My spouse says this beef stew, which I made tonight, is a keeper. He claims it wouldn’t be known that it’s a keto recipe. In the past two years, he has tried a lot of keto dishes, and this is by far his favorite. It was so good. I’m grateful to Carolyn for enabling me to live this lifestyle. I have nearly two years without needing to use insulin. ” — Cathy.

It’s so good that I’ve made it three weeks in a row, Jess

“Carolyn, I adore your blog and always turn to you for keto recipe inspiration.” This beef stew was excellent. Now that I’ve made it four times, everyone has enjoyed it. Thank you!” — Nancy.

  • For more even cooking, I prefer to keep the chunks of beef stew meat at 1 inch in size. I use London broil, but you can use chuck steak instead. I get good grassfed stew meat from Wild Pastures.
  • Onion: Use sparingly as onions contribute a surprisingly high amount of carbohydrates. To add flavor to this keto stew, I use half a cup.
  • Celery: Not only is celery a staple vegetable low in carbohydrates, but it also gives soups and stews a wonderful flavor.
  • Fresh herbs: Fresh herbs are so aromatic. I recommend fresh rosemary or thyme.
  • Garlic: For the greatest flavor, use fresh garlic rather than garlic powder.
  • Red wine: If you’re not a drinker, use a further ½ cup of beef broth instead, but reduce it just as you would the wine. It will help deepen the flavor overall.
  • Low-carb veggies: celery root (celeriac) and turnips are my favorites, but you can also add mushrooms.
  • Carrots: I use a tiny amount of carrots because they give the stew a lovely color. You are welcome to substitute red pepper flakes for the color.
  • My preferred method for thickening broth is with glucomannan, but xanthan gum works just as well. If using xanthan gum, remove some broth to a bowl. Sprinkle the xanthan gum overtop and whisk in quickly. Then return to the pot and stir in to combine.
  • Essentials for the pantry: beef broth, tomato paste, vegetable oil, salt, and pepper

Why you will love this stew

I have a ton of amazing and well-liked beef recipes, like Mexican cauliflower rice and keto stuffed peppers. But I just realized that I didn’t have a good beef stew. That’s not entirely accurate, though, because some of my cookbooks, like Easy Keto Dinners and Keto Soups and Stews, have some really tasty stew recipes. I also have a delicious Hungarian goulash, which is definitely stew-related but with less carbohydrates. But all I wanted was a stew made using traditional methods and ingredients. It has all the characteristics of a filling and rich meal, so you have to give in when that craving for comfort food hits:

  • Meltingly tender chunks of slow cooked beef
  • Hearty vegetables that add flavor and texture
  • A rich and thick broth with no grains or flour
  • Deep flavor that gets even better as it sits
  • Easy to make ahead for keto meal prep

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Is Beef Stew Good For Keto Diet