Is Beef Jerky Ok On Carnivore Diet

Can you eat beef jerky on the Carnivore Diet?

Proponents of the Carnivore Diet assert that its greatest feature is its lack of quantity limitations. Canned fish products, cheese crisps, pate, pork rinds, and of course, beef jerky are some of the common snacks associated with the Carnivore Diet.

On the Carnivore Diet, you can definitely enjoy beef jerky—but it has to be the right kind of beef jerky. Pay attention to jerky that has little to no added sugar, carbs, or other ingredients. The ideal beef jerky should only contain beef and very little seasoning.

Not so fast. It can be nearly impossible to find straightforward, traditional jerky. There are many companies that make beef jerky, and they often add sugars, artificial ingredients, and seasonings to their products. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

The Old Fashioned Original Carnivore Diet Beef Jerky is our top choice. This is your go-to Carnivore beef jerky if you’re following a strict diet.

This is REAL beef jerky. This sugar-free recipe dates back to our great-grandfather’s 1920s invention. Nothing more than beef, water, and seasoning.

  • 100% USA Beef
  • 16g of Protein, 2. 5g of Fat, and 0g of Carb per Serving.
  • Very minimal seasoning. For every 100 pounds of meat, we use about 2 pounds of spice.

Look through our selections of Sugar Free Beef Jerky if you’re looking to stick to the zero-carb goal but are okay with a little extra seasoning on the Carnivore Diet. Our jerky is made with only a few basic ingredients, but it has a bit more taste and diversity.

Is Beef Jerky Ok On Carnivore Diet

Order the Health Nut Keto Jerky Box to try all of our sugar-free jerky selections!

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Is Beef Jerky Ok On Carnivore Diet

7. Parm Crisps – Original

Parm Crisps So…cheese can be a little controversial on this diet. Typically though, hard cheeses like parmesan are allowed since the carbohydrates are at a minimal level. So we thought, why not add these Parm Crisps to the list! Theyre another excellent replacement for potato chips. Packed with protein and made from just aged parmesan cheese, which contains just cultured milk, salt, and enzymes. There is zero sugar in these crisps. However, they do contain one gram of carbohydrates per serving. So if you are truly trying to follow the zero carb regiment, these may not be your go-to snack.