Is American Wagyu Beef Grass Fed

Can Wagyu Beef be Grass-fed?

Wagyu beef is known for having an exceptionally high marbling content, making it exceptionally flavorful and fork-tender meat. Can it also be grass-fed?.

What is Natural beef?

According to the USDA, our Natural Wagyu beef is minimally processed and free of artificial ingredients and added colors.

What is Wagyu beef?

A specific breed of Japanese cattle gives rise to wagyu beef, which is prized for its remarkable marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture. In fact, the word “Wagyu” is Japanese for “Japanese cow. ”.

American Wagyu beef is created in the US by crossing premium Angus cattle with black or brown Japanese Wagyu cattle. Learn more about Wagyu beef here.

Where can I find Imperial American Wagyu Beef products?

We partner with retailers and restaurants across the country. For a list of Imperial American Wagyu product locations, visit our Where to Buy page.

How do I properly prepare Wagyu beef?

Cooking Wagyu beef is comparable to cooking other kinds of beef. Learn more here.

How does the flavor of American Wagyu compare with other types of beef?

Many people seek out American Wagyu beef because of its distinct flavor, which they characterize as buttery and melt-in-your-mouth. This is due to its high amounts of marbling. Learn more about Wagyu beef here.


This is the highest grade of Wagyu available, and it is very costly, when you purchase Kobe or Wagyu beef or order A5 level 12 Wagyu at a gourmet restaurant.

However, how can you tell if the beef you are purchasing is actually genuine wagyu?

Cheaper and inferior breeds sold as expensive Wagyu Beef is a huge problem.

Forged Wagyu Certificates of Authenticity are commonplace.

A certificate displaying the family tree, snout print, farm the cattle were raised on, location of slaughter, animal sex, weight, and age is attached to every shipment of wagyu from Japan.

Unfortunately, due to the high prices and profits, the lack of experience of some western consumers and the high marbling of American Wagyu, in particular, the use of fake Wagyu / Kobe counterfeit certificates by some Wagyu beef suppliers, restaraunts and online sellers is not uncommon.

Similar to the issue with fake grass-fed beef in the United States, fake Wagyu is a major concern.

It is nearly impossible for the average western consumer to determine whether the $300 A5 Wagyu steak they paid was worth it, especially since only one certificate is issued per cow. The claimed wagyu beef is even said to be from Japan, where the certificate claims to have originated.