Is All Organic Beef Grass Fed

What does grass fed beef mean?

When you see the term “grass fed,” it indicates that the cattle used to produce the beef had at some point in their lives eaten grass and other forages.

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Because both practices aim to produce a healthier, better-for-you beef product, there are many parallels between organic and grass-fed beef. Nevertheless, not all cattle raised on pasture are USDA Certified Organic, and not all organic cattle are fed 10% grass 100% of the time, or even have year-round access to a pasture.

At Pre, we believe in food transparency. We want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make wise purchasing decisions. We have outlined the distinctions and specifics so you can comprehend the meaning of each label.

Organic certifications are quite expensive!

EEK! Therefore, bear in mind that the third-party labeling system is a business and does not come without cost. Although Pre has obtained certifications for Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 Approved, Certified Paleo, and Keto, we had to endure an extensive auditing process and incurred significant costs for the certifications. We are also Halal compliant. In order to have the official seal on our package, we are presently undergoing an audit and obtaining the official “certification.” Customers are searching for these labels, so when you purchase Pre-beef, we want you to feel secure. Customers should feel secure in the knowledge that choosing Pre brands is a responsible and healthful choice for you and your family. We collaborate with and purchase from thousands of Australian and New Zealand farmers. They have been operating their farms organically for generations and have very high standards and integrity. But it costs a lot of money to get an organic label to prove it. Proving your farm is organic is very complex and time-consuming. In addition to the laborious documentation, you must demonstrate that your land has been chemical-free for three years. Furthermore, every animal must adhere to the requirements for leading a humane life. We have already vetted all of our sources thoroughly. Every farm adheres to the globally recognized Five Freedoms for All Animals. Additionally, we would require an annual visit from a USDA representative to each farm to confirm everything. We cannot afford to do that for all our farmers. Nonetheless, when it comes to quality, everyone with whom we collaborate has similar high standards. Grass-fed beef is not inherently inferior to organic beef just because it is not organic. Purchasing organic or grass-fed food is a significant step toward promoting health, transparency, and high-quality food.