Is All Angus Beef Grass Fed

The Very Best Grass-Fed Beef

Niman’s Certified Angus Beef 20%C2%AE%20Grass-Fed 20% is raised on a 100% grass-fed diet without the use of antibiotics or additional hormones. This produces a product that is flavorful and tender and will definitely satisfy the palate. Each cut must adhere to our ten quality standards, producing a product with unmatched flavor and reliable quality.

What exactly is Angus beef?

Any beef that originates from the particular breed of cattle known as the Angus is referred to as “Angus.” Angus comes in two varieties: Red Angus and Black Angus, both of which have Scottish ancestry.

According to the American Angus Association—which claims to be the largest beef breed organization in the world—a Scot named George Grant imported four Angus bulls from Scotland to Kansas in 1873, where he cross-bred the naturally-hornless, black-hided bulls with Texas longhorn cows. The Angus Association asserts that the original bulls came from the herd of a man named George Brown from Westertown, Fochabers, Scotland—to be specific. Also, the breed used to be called Aberdeen Angus, but some of the Scottish roots seem to have been lost through the whims of beef marketing interventions.

In the end, the black cattle proved to be incredibly hardy; they fared better over the winter than other breeds without experiencing significant weight loss. Additionally, Grant’s legacy endured despite his passing a few years after coming to the US. Twelve hundred Scottish Angus cattle were brought to the Midwest between 1878 and 1883. It is currently the most prevalent breed of cattle in the nation that produces meat.

In 1978, a group of Midwest ranchers formed the Certified Angus Beef brand, setting up an organization to give specific certification to some Angus producers. This label has nothing to do with how the animals are raised or fed. To get the Certified Angus classification, a producer must meet ten standards related to tenderness, marbling, and flavor.

cattle.jpeg3. Their standards are more selective than USDA Choice and Prime. In fact, only 3 in 10 Angus cattle meet the brand’s high standards. Each cut meets or exceeds 10 standards for quality, so you get to enjoy a steak that is consistently great.

barn-1031613_1920.jpg7. All cattle are grass-fed and spend the majority of their lives on the pasture eating grass. As the cattle grow, some grains like corn and wheat are added to their diets. This helps to enhance the marbling in the beef to give it that flavor we all enjoy.

brisket.jpg4. The Certified Angus Beef ® brand story dates back to 1975, starting with an Ohio Angus producer who had a disappointing steak for dinner. This drove a group of Angus producers to develop and market a system for the first brand of fresh, premium beef.

certified-angus-beef-burger.jpgIf you’re a beef lovin’ grill master, you’ve probably cooked with Certified Angus Beef ® brand a time or two. If you’re a Five Star customer – you’ve probably cooked with Certified Angus Beef ® brand A LOT, because that’s the only type of beef we carry. Why? It’s really quite simple… once you have the best, why would you settle for anything less?