Is A Beef Only Diet Healthy

Who are the carnivores?

Some carnivores, such as podcaster and creator of the lion diet Mikhaila Peterson, adopted an all-meat diet out of desperation rather than in response to a social media fad. She says the diet helped her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, which have plagued her body with excruciating pain and swelling for the majority of her life. Peterson believes that most people don’t need her diet and that she will resume eating veggies once she manages her autoimmune flare-ups.

“I always thought the idea behind the diet was to just add healthy vegetables back in as soon as I figured out how to not have an immune response,” the woman says.

There are many others like Peterson. Over 12,000 people have joined a private Facebook group she created for dieters, almost all of whom, she claims, suffer from severe illnesses and view a carnivore diet as their only chance for recovery.

“Theyve tried everything else,” she says. “Otherwise, they wouldnt get this restrictive. “.

Day one: bring on the beef

“I had digestive problems,” says Mikhaila Peterson. “The diarrhoea lasted six weeks. ”.

I’ve called her up, on the morning of my first beef day, to get some tips for my new diet. Mikhaila is a 26-year-old who suffered badly with arthritis as a youngster. She’s not a medical professional, but she tried self-healing by adjusting her diet. She began by cutting out gluten, then going on an “elimination diet”, which removes foods people are commonly allergic to before adding them back in. A period of self-experimentation followed before Mikhaila settled on a zero-carb diet – just greens and meat. The she took out the greens. Then all the meat; except beef.

Is A Beef Only Diet Healthy

Mikhaila put her father on the same diet in April. Within two weeks of starting the only-beef regimen, she reported that her arthritic pain had disappeared. She also experienced unrelated pain in her knees, big toe, and wrist.

She claimed that after a month and a half, she began to notice that her anxiety had subsided and that her short-term memory had improved.

Mikhaila said to me, “I couldn’t repeat back to them a phone number, say seven digits.”

“I can do that now. I can remember a whole bunch. ”.

I go to the supermarket to start things off after talking with Mikhaila. I had always associated an all-beef diet with endless amounts of steak. However, Mikhaila claims that by purchasing a lot of ground beef and beef ribs, she was able to keep costs down. She uses the fat from the cooked ribs to cook the ground beef. “If not, I don’t get enough fat from the ground beef,” the woman remarked.

I purchase ground beef, steak, and beef ribs. I visit the store in search of beef jerky, but it’s not there. It does, however, have “beef sticks”. I examine the beef sticks. They appear to be vacuum-sealed, grass-fed, dried-out hot dogs targeted at kombucha drinkers. I buy 12.

At home, I load the beef into the fridge. It appears to be the refrigerator of a man who has a beef with cattle.

I try one of the beef sticks. It tastes like an extremely dry sausage. It’s not very filling. I eat three more.

But I have to meet my friend Nina, so I don’t have time to cook anymore. She and I meet in a bar. As I go over the diet with her, she has a beer and I have sparkling water. She doesn’t think it sounds very healthy. She asks if there are any side effects. I tell her that during the first six weeks, it’s normal to feel like crap.

Nina suggests we go for something to eat. Although it seems careless, she brings us to an oyster bar where they serve steak tartare. I have beef tartare, plain. She has two glasses of wine and orders clams and oysters. Her meal looks delicious, incredible. Mine does not.

What is the Lion Diet and why is it used?

The Lion Diet is marketed as a whole food elimination diet for the treatment of leaky gut on its website. This diet consists of ruminant meat, salt, and water, supposedly providing the body with “all the nutrients it needs.” Ruminant meat is derived from animals such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, and deer that chew their cud.

The all-meat diet is intended for people who are ill or taking medication. It claims to put “illness into remission. You can reintroduce a broader variety of foods once you’re feeling better by learning what your body prefers and dislikes. ”.

Though the blogger’s personal Amazon store is clickable, these kinds of statements—especially the lack of links or references to peer-reviewed literature—not only confuse readers but also run the risk of endangering their health by promoting an unproven, unsustainable, and unbalanced diet.

It’s important to note that while high gut permeability or intestinal barrier dysfunction are recognized and discussed in diseases that cause intestinal inflammation and damage, “leaky gut syndrome” is not currently recognized as a medical diagnosis. All guts are semipermeable, but larger molecules may be able to pass through in those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s and celiac disease. Although there isn’t currently a common diagnostic test to assess gut barrier function, the Mayo Clinic will soon be offering one to assess intestinal permeability.