Is 80/20 Ground Beef Good For Dogs

What are the pros and cons to feed 80/20 ground beef to dogs?

The benefits of giving your dog 80/20 ground beef include its high protein content and potential to aid in muscle growth. Another excellent strategy to vary your dog’s diet is to give him ground beef.

The fact that 80/20 ground beef is high in fat and may cause digestive problems is a drawback for dogs. If you do choose to give your dog ground beef, be sure to fully cook it to lower the possibility of food poisoning. Additionally, you ought to consult your dog’s veterinarian to ensure that adding it to his diet is appropriate.

Beneficial Nutrients in Ground Beef

The nutritional value of 100g of 90% lean 10% fat, cooked, pan-browned ground beef is 28.5g of protein. It contains many essential amino acids, including histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, and more. Essential amino acids are required in a dog’s diet because dogs cannot create them within their body, so the food must supply the amino acids. While not a complete food on its own, ground beef is still a nutritious lean-meat protein source for dogs that can be used to create balanced cooked or raw dog food diets.


More than anything else, the saying “you are what you eat” refers to fat. This is because the fats the dog consumes are absorbed into the membranes of each and every cell in his body. Cell membranes perform a variety of crucial tasks, including allowing nutrients into the cells and releasing waste. The key to optimal cellular health is having healthy cell membranes; malfunctioning cell membranes reduce the overall effectiveness of the cells, and consequently of the organs and body as a whole.

Dogs that eat a diet high in balanced fats learn and remember things more quickly, behave better, have stronger hearts, have better skin and coats, and are less likely to develop allergies and cancer. The advantages of balanced fat diets have been shown in numerous studies conducted over decades4,5,6.