How To Make Roast Beef At Home

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The roast beef is absolutely delicious, and for those who are having trouble locating a beef top loin roast, it is sometimes referred to as a beef top sirloin roast.

For our weekend cocktail, I prepared Melissas top loin. I had the bakery machine slice a baguette into rounds. I spread mayo seasoned with cayenne, lemon, salt, and browned pureed garlic. I mashed the beef and added some mayonnaise and tiny pieces of tomato seeds as garnish. I promise you that they were gorgeous and gone before I could get any! We’re having ciabatta for tonight’s sandwiches. Yum.

Sometimes its the simple things that make a memorable moment. This appeared on my homepage early on Sunday. Every week, a few family members drop in to enjoy Sunday dinner, but I was at a loss for ideas. I was thinking how delicious roast beef sandwiches would be, and I would apologize for not making a four-course dinner. I prepared grilled onions and horseradish mayo to go with some delicious artisan bread that I purchased. Everyone was pleased. So simple, so good! Thanks for the inspiration!.

Owing to unforeseen events, my small roast sat in the rosemary, garlic, etc. for an extra night. It was really delicious!.

For anyone having trouble finding cuts of beef that seem to be unknown to butcher because of regional names of cuts for roasts etc.. check this out!! Many names for this cut!! Its good to use for A LOT of RECIPES, I am on East coast and many names are different here for same cut! Great ROAST BEEF! buttered & toasted roll w/melted sharp provalone!!

I used Herbs de Provence, and it turned it great.

Made this for a work potluck to great acclaim. I used a 4. Five pound eye top roast with three times as much garlic and rosemary and twice as much salt and pepper I let it sit in the rub for the entire night before letting it air dry for ninety minutes. At my coworkers’ request, it was baked at 325 for about 100 minutes, or until the internal temperature reached between 150 and 155 for medium-well. The seasoned crust was crunchy and delicious. I removed the fat and consumed it as a snack while slicing the meat.

Sweet lord this is good. We gathered around the chopping board, devouring the food as soon as it was cut. Inside, it’s 130 degrees, rosy and tender, with the perfect amount of garlic and rosemary in the crust. People even nibbled on the fat caps’ crispy edges, and now there’s barely enough roast left to last until Tuesday.

A wonderful recipe. It was excellent at room temperature with tiny olive oil rolls, mayo and horseradish sauce, and thin slices of red onion after I roasted it at 375 degrees for a shorter amount of time.

I love this recipe and love learning to cook. This recipe is fantastic and simple to make, even for someone like me who is not a skilled cook. I let it season in the fridge for 24-hours. Reducing the amount of salt is the only thing I would change for the next time. So maybe 2 tsp instead of 2 1/2. I started roasting my 2 1/4-pound roast for 60 minutes and checked the temperature every five minutes after that. So happy with how it came out.

This is a winner. Made it two weeks in a row. Once for a crowd, once for us. My butcher gave me a top sirloin roast that was perfectly done with the fat on.

It’s called top loin, and I recently purchased one at Safeway here in Maryland. Maybe that label has been around longer now, or maybe there is a regional variation. At any rate, your comment was not constructive.

I love rump roast, so I have the butcher cut me a five-pound piece, so why not make two meals? Dinner the first night and leftovers for sandwiches. I hate paying $11 a pound for deli roast beef. With that lovely slab of fat on top, the rump roast resembles the top loin in appearance. Nicely marbled inside with tender meat. For rare, remove from the oven at 130 degrees because it will continue to cook after removal.

In the Midwest, the term “top loin” is not found in supermarkets, specialty stores, or Costco. The New York Times needs to speak national English/American if it wants to be a national newspaper. It’s unlikely that the term “top loin” is used in California; at least not when I lived there, even though it was a long time ago. What IS top loin?.

Since my butcher wasn’t sure what a top loin roast was, we ended up using a 4 1/4 lb New York Strip cut that was prepared as a roast rather than as steaks. I doubled the garlic-rosemary rub and it turned out perfectly! The larger roast was cooked to 130 degrees for about 95 to 100 minutes during the roasting process. Delicious!.

Made this with a 4 lb rump roast. 375 degrees for 20 minutes, then 80 minutes at 325 degrees to reach 130 degrees Medium-rare delicious.

One suggestion: Use a high-quality, sharp carving knife for thin, easy chewing pleasure. Another Melissa marvel!

The meat at my neighborhood Wegmans always seems to be the right cut, and the recipe is simple to follow and always turns out perfectly—as long as I keep an eye on the oven temperature because the meat continues to cook after it is taken out.

I used an eye of round cut that was too lean and a smaller cut that was 1 34 pounds. Use the specified amounts of pepper, garlic, and rosemary and chop the salt to match the weight. After marinating for a full night, the roast was wrapped in bacon and placed on a rack. Started testing for doneness at 30 minutes. Fantastic!.

Perfect 2-pound rump roast cooked for 55 minutes with dried herbs and garlic powder.

Excellent. Made it with bottom round, which was really great. Not sure about the mango pickle.

Thanks for the bottom round answer. I made it w/ chuck roast and it was tough. The cut recommended and its other names, i. e. NY Strip loin roast, etc. are over two times as expensive as the bottom round, etc. -not a bargain by any means.

The only roasts I can find at my store are beef round bottom and beef chuck roast. would these work? Thanks for any help offered. CH.

This was roasted the day before the celebration, then chilled and sliced the next morning. delicious! Made sandwiches by arranging slices of beef on a focaccia loaf sliced crosswise, then slicing the loaf into small rectangles. Perfect!.

I used a 3 pound eye of round roast. The best roast beef I’ve ever had, perfectly medium rare after an hour and ten minutes!

I added halved onions and used an eye round roast. After cooking the roast for 75 minutes at 315°, take it out and put the vegetables back in the oven to rest for 15 minutes. Perfect as a hot roast, too.

Made roast beef with tri-tip cut (rabillo in Spanish). Arugula crumbs, pesto, and homemade mayo were spread on the sandwiches. Spectacular.

slice a baguette into rounds. I spread mayo seasoned with cayenne, lemon, salt, and browned pureed garlic. I mashed the beef and added some mayonnaise and tiny pieces of tomato seeds as garnish.

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve had the good fortune to consistently get sirloin roast at Sams Club for less than $5 per pound. But since it’s Sam’s Club, you typically commit to 9–10 pounds of meat. Nevertheless, despite rising meat costs and problems with the supply chain, our family has found this recipe to be quite helpful.

Try roasting the beef at its terminal temperature if you have the time and a low enough temperature-setting oven. Before cooking, season the beef with salt, cover it with plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator. Preheat the oven to 130 degrees the following morning. Coat the roast with oil and freshly ground pepper. Roast on a rack until the roast’s center temperature reaches 130 degrees for medium-rare. After 6 hours, if it takes too long, increase the oven’s temperature to 200. Let the roast rest.

As suggested by Jacques Pepin, try utilizing Herbes de Provence in place of the rosemary. Private notes are only visible to you.

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Roast Beef Seasoning Mix

As the roast cooks, a mixture of dry spices forms a flavorful crust. You probably have most of these spices in your pantry, if not all of them. I strongly suggest utilizing Kosher salt in dry rubs such as this one because it has a stronger flavor than table salt. For this spice mixture, I prefer the coarse texture of granulated garlic over garlic powder, but you can use either. You’ll also need paprika, onion powder, rosemary, thyme, and freshly ground black pepper.

How To Make Roast Beef At Home