How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

How to make it

Complete recipe card with step-by-step instructions at the end of this post

  • Heat some oil and sear the short ribs. This can be prepared in a pan or, if your slow cooker has a searing feature, right in there (I love my crockpot for this!). You want them nicely browned all over.

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

After that, we soften the onions and add the garlic, Worcestershire sauce, red wine, stock, thyme, tomato paste, sugar, bay leaves, and salt and pepper.

Bring everything to a boil; if you were using a pan for this portion, transfer it to your slow cooker at this point and cook on low for six to eight hours.

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

The meat ought to start crumbling after that point. Ladle most of the liquid into a pan.

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

After bringing the liquid to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer. After adding a small amount of cornstarch slurry to thicken, remove from the heat.

Serve the short ribs with a generous drizzle of gravy and creamy mashed potatoes accompanied by green vegetables.

‍ PRO TIP: Make an extra one or two short ribs so you have meat for leftovers. The recipe card at the bottom of this post contains some ideas that I have for you.

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

Visual Guide to Making Beef Short Ribs

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

There are different cuts of beef short ribs, and each one has a distinct flavor and texture that is essential to the dish’s success. There are two main varieties that you will come across: Plate Short Ribs and Chuck Short Ribs.

Chopped from the shoulder region, Chuck Short Ribs are prized for their succulent texture. Despite being typically leaner, they have a ton of beefy flavors. Look for chuck ribs with noticeable marbling and a good amount of meat on the bones when choosing them because this fat enhances the flavor and tenderness of the meat when it cooks slowly.

Conversely, Plate Short Ribs are sliced from the lower rib region, nearer the cow’s belly. When cooked, they have a more tender texture and a deeper flavor because they are typically more marbled than chuck ribs. Plate short ribs are usually larger and contain more fat, which is perfect for slow cooking and letting the fat render down and flavor the meat succulently.

Regardless of the cut, always look for beef short ribs with consistent marbling and a deep red color. Steer clear of ribs that are discolored or have a lot of surface fat. Ribs with a firm texture and a clean scent are the best because freshness is crucial. Keep in mind that the final dish is heavily influenced by the quality of the meat, so choosing the best your budget will allow will result in the most tender and flavorful meal.

Gravy and mashed potatoes are typical side dishes for braised beef short ribs. Other classic accompaniments are a creamy polenta, or roasted vegetables.

  • Too Tough Ribs: Slightly extend cooking time to achieve greater tenderness
  • Too-Weak Flavors: Increase the amount of herbs or spices to your preference, especially in the last hour of cooking.

️ What to serve it with

Let’s talk mashed potato. Mashed potatoes have always been one of my favorite foods from my childhood. It’s got to be proper mash though.

That is to say, liberally topped with plenty of butter, a generous dollop of heavy cream, and freshly ground pepper and salt. Once that’s done, all I want to do is curl up on the couch and eat it right out of the pan.

An absolute must for me is a potato ricer. Have you tried one?

I have a thing against traditional mashers – they just don’t work for me. I always end up with lumpy mash. Potato ricers may just be one of my favourite kitchen inventions. I use this OXO good grips one.

Peeling, exerting yourself, or repeatedly mashing those potatoes are not necessary. You can even microwave a whole potato to cook it before running it through a ricer for an emergency mash (I’m not the only one who has ever used the term emergency mash, am I?).

Any remaining vegetable and mash make delicious bubble and squeak patties when fried.

Since the mash for this dish is served with a flavorful red wine gravy, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any leftovers in the end.

Lets just have a close-up look at that meat again…….

How To Make Beef Short Ribs In The Crock Pot