How To Make Beef Jerky On A Traeger Smoker

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Why make beef jerky at home?

When making this, make sure to double or even triple the recipe because it won’t last long. Your spousal unit will love it, as will your kids. Bringing in a bag for everyone to share during break will make you a hero at work. Usually, it only lasts two to three days at most when I make three or four pounds at a time. I should probably follow my own advice.

Before I had a Traeger grill, I had always wanted to make my own jerky and had several plans to do so, but I never got around to it because it seemed like a difficult task. After receiving my T and learning more about it from a few Traeger Facebook groups, I thought I could handle it without too much difficulty. I was right. It was simple to make the marinade on the Traeger once I figured out the recipe. If the recipe is followed, success is assured.

Although beef can be costly, you don’t need to use the more expensive, fattier cuts to make jerky. Look for discounts and coupons as additional ways to save money. The remaining marinade ingredients are very inexpensive. After trying this recipe just once, you’ll be hooked for life and will have finished the last bag of store-bought, mass-produced jerky.

The Traeger excels in a wide range of tasks, some of which it does exceptionally well. Beef jerky is one of those things. Never again waste $15–20 on poor quality mystery meat jerky. Gather the necessary ingredients, adhere to the recipe, and attempt creating your first batch of delicious, simple, and reasonably priced Traeger beef jerky.

How To Make Beef Jerky On A Traeger Smoker

How spicy is this beef jerky?

I almost forgot to give this small warning. This jerky has some heat to it. There is Sriracha and crushed red pepper in the recipe. Like, a lot. You can always omit or cut back on any of those ingredients if you can’t handle the heat, but you should never admit it.

I like it spicy. It warms my belly. Your sensitive stomachs might be able to handle it despite the strong spice because it is somewhat balanced by the sweetness.

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