How To Cook Cabbage To Go With Corned Beef

Which Corned Beef to Buy

In addition, there are two options available to you when purchasing corned beef: “flat cut” and “point cut.” ” Either cut will work with these methods.

The point cut will be more flavorful because of the increased fat marbling throughout the meat, but you will need more to get the same amount of cooked meat because of the increased shrinkage caused by the fat rendering out of the meat. The flat cut is a leaner cut of corned beef.

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Boiled or Baked Corned Beef?

Boiling both the beef and the cabbage is the traditional method of preparing corned beef and cabbage.

My friend Suzanne first introduced me to her favorite corned beef recipe a few years ago. It is baked, not boiled, with cloves scattered throughout and served with sautéed cabbage.

One day, we prepared baked and boiled corned beef and cabbage. The winner?.

The whole family agreed, baked corned beef, hands down.

But traditions die hard. Therefore, we are going to offer you two different versions: one that is baked with corned beef and cabbage and honey and mustard (first blanched to remove some of the excess salt), and the other that is boiled. We also demonstrate two methods for preparing the cabbage: boiling and sautéing.

How To Cook Cabbage To Go With Corned Beef

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Rinse the Corned Beef Prior to Cooking. This guarantees that the brisket won’t be overly salty by removing extra salt and spices.
  • Low and Slow Cooking. Brisket is a tough cut of meat that must be cooked slowly and for a long time to become tender. Cooking corned beef on the stovetop takes approximately three hours.
  • Cut the Vegetables Large. This will prevent them from becoming overly soft and mushy after boiling.
  • Let Rest. Before slicing, the corned beef must rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes to allow the meat’s juices to reintegrate. If you cut it immediately, the meat will be tough.
  • Slice Against the Grain. Cutting against the grain helps make the slices more tender.

How To Cook Cabbage To Go With Corned Beef