How To Cook Boneless Beef Short Ribs

Difference between Flanken and English Short Rib Cuts

Because boneless English short ribs are meatier and fatter, I use them in this recipe.

The English style cut involves cutting the short rib in half lengthwise, exposing a thick layer of meat atop a single rib bone. My ribs are sliced English-style, with the meat removed from the bone, as seen in the photo below.

The Flanken cut is a thin incision made across the bones of a short rib, about 1/2′′ thick. You will see meat, bone, meat, bone, meat, and so on in this piece of meat. This is a very popular cut in Korean bbq. These aren’t my favorite because, when I make short ribs, I prefer more meat to bone.

Ingredients needed to make the BEST Boneless Beef Short Ribs

I visit Costco every Friday after work, where I discovered the most exquisite boneless beef short ribs. Sincerely, not even my neighborhood butcher carries them. They are the only ones.

Now that I’ve made this with bone-in, I find them to be a pain in the butt because I want all the meat, not just the bone. However, bone-in has a deeper flavor. Additionally, they cost the same—a fact that still baffles me.

The amount of meat in five pounds of bone-in beef short ribs is different from that of five pounds of boneless beef short ribs. I once had a debate about this with a butcher, and we ended up parting ways since I thought he was wrong and he disagreed. Am I wrong on this?.

Why this recipe works

When it comes to making traditional fork-tender ribs, these boneless beef short ribs are as simple as they get. All you need is a few ingredients and the fortitude to endure the scent while they bake!

Whether they are bone-in or boneless, beef short ribs are unquestionably a meat cut that you should cook gently. Searing them in a skillet will produce a gorgeous crust, and the remaining cooking time in the oven will result in extremely tender, fall-off-the-bone short ribs. Check out our instant pot beef short ribs, which are prepared in less than an hour and a half, if you’d prefer a speedier option.

How To Cook Boneless Beef Short Ribs