How To Cook Beef Wellington Gordon Ramsay

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The mushroom duxelle was one of the main other items that I thought could have been done better. I believe that some of the issues with the recipe as a whole were caused by my inability to chop the mushrooms finely enough. In the future, I’ll chop the mushrooms as finely as possible and turn them into a true paste using my food processor. This should hopefully avoid the situation where I ended up with a soggy bottom on the final product.

P.S. You really should by Gordon’s book. It is chock-full of great recipes and many of them are far more simple, but still flipping fantastic. I highly recommend the apple crisp recipe. It’s a little unorthodox, but phenomenal in flavor and texture! Check it out here

I must admit that the process was difficult, and it made me appreciate the Hell’s Kitchen competitors even more. The preparation for this recipe was insane and way beyond anything I would normally attempt, but the cooking itself was excellent. However, I was delighted to find that the outcome was well worth the effort. I made a tasty dinner even though I didn’t follow all the instructions exactly, and I would make it again (with a few small adjustments).

Making sure that everything is wrapped as tightly as possible is one of the most important recommendations I can give to anyone trying to make this recipe. My ham-wrapped tenderloins began to crumble as soon as I took them out of the plastic to cover in the pastry, as you can see in the video. I also thought that there wasn’t enough cold, which added to the mess. In my opinion, the suggested chill times for each step are insufficient, and if I were to make this again, I would probably chill it for longer or use the same amount of time in the freezer.

The last adjustment I would make to the recipe is that I believe I should have boiled the wine longer for the sauce. The instruction to “until almost completely reduced” seemed unclear to me, so I don’t think I lowered the wine as much as I should have. The next time, I’ll make an effort to reduce it until it’s more syrupy before adding the beef stock.

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