How Long To Cook A 3Kg Turkey Breast Roll

How to cook turkey breast

Here’s our recipe for a simple turkey breast recipe. But if that’s how you like it, you don’t have to give up your favorite flavorings or omit the brining step.

Alternatively, you could cook the turkey breast in a slow cooker for an exceptionally tender result, or wrap it in pastry to make a wellington. One way to preserve additional flavor is by stuffing a rolled turkey breast. For instance, the filling for our air-fried rolled turkey breast contains parsley, sausage meat, cranberries, and pistachios. See our selection of the greatest turkey breast recipes for additional serving suggestions.

What is the advantage of cooking a turkey breast?

For smaller gatherings, turkey breast makes a great, fuss-free festive option. A whole turkey breast serves six people, while half a breast (from one side of the bird) will serve two to four. Advertisement.

Because nothing can go to waste, a turkey breast is also a handy way to up the meat on Christmas Day without having to buy an enormous turkey. It makes better leftovers for sandwiches, too. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular throughout the year, not just for Christmas, because it’s a lean, low-fat, less expensive cut of meat.

Not every small celebration calls for an entire turkey, so this luxury-for-less option will save costs without sacrificing any of the wonderful flavors.

What to look for when buying turkey breast

When half a breast is combined, it resembles a huge chicken breast or a roll that has been secured with butcher’s netting or string. You can fold a whole breast in half and handle it the same way. Sometimes they are wrapped in strips of pancetta or bacon, but you can also wrap them yourself by using the recipes below.

Alternatively, you can tie the breast yourself, which will keep it nice and neat in the oven and the skin in place so that when you carve it, you get more even slices.

Depending on how many people you need to feed for Christmas dinner, we also have incredibly helpful guides for designing the best menus. For a good starting point, look through our Christmas menus for two and six, and then explore more of our menu ideas.