How Long For Beef Brisket In Slow Cooker

What is a Beef Brisket?

I adore juicy, tender meat, and this recipe elevates the flavor profile of the meat with a sweet rub and some BBQ sauce. A cut of meat you cook all day is slow cooker beef brisket, and it tastes ridiculously good! A beef brisket is special because it maintains its shape while cooking, making it easy to slice. It will be so juicy that it will fall apart in your mouth when you put it on your fork, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tender!

This slow cooker beef brisket takes a while to prepare, but the results are well worth the wait! It will take the entire day in your slow cooker, but fortunately, you can leave it there and simply prepare everything before adding it to the slow cooker. When you return home, your home is filled with the most delicious aroma and prepared food—cook it for supper this week! You won’t regret it!.

How to make slow cooker Beef Brisket

This is a simple recipe for beef brisket, but since we’re making our own rub and BBQ sauce, there is a fairly lengthy list of spices. Completely worth it—this sauce is superior to anything you can buy in a bottle!

  • Spice Mix – We start off with a spice rub. We’re slow cooking it, so there’s no need to marinate; the extended cooking time achieves the same results as marinating. If we were roasting it, I’d recommend marinating it.
  • Slow Cook: Add the beef to the slow cooker along with the ingredients for the homemade BBQ sauce (vinegar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and spices), and cook for eight to ten hours.
  • Caramelize crust: To do this, simply bake the crust for a few minutes at a high temperature in a hot oven, or you can use a grill or broiler;
  • This is our homemade BBQ sauce! Reduce sauce: In the meantime, simmer the liquid in the slow cooker until it reduces to a syrupy sauce consistency.

How Long For Beef Brisket In Slow Cooker

Two Important Brisket Tips

  • Purchase a three-pound chunk of brisket; if available, flat cut is preferable to point cut. Flats typically have a thick layer of fat on top and are more square or rectangular in shape.
  • Simmer the brisket for six to eight hours on low heat; it should shred easily but not crumble.

How Long For Beef Brisket In Slow Cooker