How Is American Wagyu Beef Raised

​How Are Wagyu Cows Slaughtered?

Similar to the slaughterhouse where we raise our cows, Wagyu cows are frequently knocked out by a captive bolt. This bolt renders them unconscious, as the slaughter process begins. This humane and effective process minimizes pain and suffering.

The issue of hanging weight vs packaged weight may also arise during the processing of an entire cow. Doing prior research will facilitate the processing of your cow.

How Is American Wagyu Beef Raised

Do All Wagyu Beef Come From the Japanese Cow?

One of the four breeds used to produce traditional Wagyu beef is black, brown, shorthorn, or polled. The United States imported Japanese Wagyu beef cattle in the 1970s, which helped create the American Wagyu beef cross that is known today.

How Is American Wagyu Beef Raised

Wagyu beef, one of the most opulent meats on the planet, is in great demand due to its intense flavor, buttery tenderness, and substantial marbling. What distinguishes Wagyu beef from other varieties of beef? It’s a combination of genetics and farming practices.

Wagyu beef comes from Japanese cattle. A well-known variety of Wagyu hailing from a particular region in Japan is Kobe beef; however, there are also Wagyu available in America. American Wagyu is produced from cattle that have at least 50% Wagyu genes, and fullblood American Wagyu has over 93% of these genes; their ancestors are from Japan. Genetics is only half the story, though. Farmers must adopt the same exacting methods of cattle rearing that Japanese farmers have been honing for decades in order to produce the premium beef that consumers expect from Wagyu.

This type of care is more costly and time-consuming than raising cattle the conventional manner. But it’s well worth it because it produces the incredibly sought-after Wagyu beef, which is flavorful, tender, and beautifully fatty. What makes Wagyu so valuable? It’s not just about the flavor and texture. In fact, consuming Wagyu beef is beneficial to your health. This is due to the fact that Wagyu marbling indicates a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat and oleic acid than typical beef, in addition to making the meat incredibly tender and flavorful. The type of fat you’ll be eating when you tuck into a Wagyu steak may help lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and even encourage weight loss. Cattle thrive in a sustainable, stress-free environment when raised by ranchers, and consumer health benefits from this as well. Triple T Ranch is a reliable source for premium American Wagyu Beef. Our small, family-run ranch is situated in south Alabama and uses tried-and-true husbandry methods to maintain the well-being of the herd. Our cattle are registered with the American Wagyu Association and are well-maintained. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality cattle and to helping others who wish to see this incredible breed. For more information, reach out to us via our website or give us a call at (251) 333-2800.

Wagyu cattle live comfortable lives. Of course, there are false rumors regarding Wagyu raising. Wagyu cattle are not given frequent massages and classical music to keep them supple. However, they don’t engage in strenuous exercise, and occasionally they get brushed with a stiff brush to help improve blood circulation and relieve stress. For the most part, their environment is stress-free. They frequently share their pens with just a few other cows and are free to graze. No steroids, growth hormones, or other medications are ever given to a Wagyu cow. Rather, they receive proper nutrition and care to prevent stress, which raises adrenaline and results in tough meat.