How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

What is the difference between an arm roast and a chuck roast?

Some people braise it, but this time we used it as an easy Ninja Foodi recipe because it’s less expensive and leaner than chuck. Any pressure cooker will work, but my favorite way to cook this is

How to Cook an Arm Roast

This is a family favorite comfort food that can be made in one pot during the colder months. See the printable recipe card below for all the recipe details, including measurements for the ingredients. To give you an idea of what to do when preparing this recipe, here are the detailed instructions:

This beef arm roast recipe is amazing! With balsamic vinegar and onions it’s packed with flavor and super tender in a pressure cooker.

How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

Okay, so this week I set out to create the best beef arm roast recipe possible, and I succeeded! This inexpensive cut is sometimes disregarded, but with the right seasonings and sauce, it can make a delicious and easy Instant Pot recipe. (affiliate links present).

As I mentioned earlier, we purchase a half cow from nearby farmers at the start of every year. Welcome to The Typical Mom blog if you’re new. You can also purchase bulk meat online. It’s been a game changer for us.

An arm roast can be cooked to perfection and has a delicious beefy flavor, much like a chuck roast. If you have a Ninja Foodi pot, you can also make this as an easy recipe.

There are plenty of simple one-pot meal recipes available here for those who are new to pressure cooking. To begin with let’s start with a few basic tips:

  • Make sure to Bookmark our InstaPot recipes page. We add new ones each week!.
  • Next, PRINT this cheat sheet on Instant Pot cooking times, which will help you determine how long to cook meat, veggies, and beans under pressure. This cookbook is fantastic for InstaPot, and it’s also a great idea to pick up a set of wooden utensils. I HIGHLY recommend you buy this non stick pot. With this improved liner, the pressure cooker won’t have as many problems when you deglaze it after sautéing.

As an example, I use this 6-quart pressure cooker for all of my recipe creations.

How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

When I received two packages in our cow delivery, I kind of felt the same way. Have you ever seen one of these at your neighborhood grocery store with a little price tag on it and wondered, “Whaaaaat am I supposed to do with that?”

As far as I can recall, it wasn’t anything I had ever cooked, purchased, or even eaten. However, I always enjoy a challenge, so I began to experiment.

Regarding the cooking time, I reviewed my Instant Pot carnitas recipe. Similar to that one, I chose to cut it into big chunks, remove the bone, and trim a little.

  • I just threw it in, but you could sauté and brown it on all sides at first with a little olive oil.
  • There are moments when I just want to make a simple one-pot meal.

How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

How Do You Cook A Beef Arm Roast

You can see here about how large the chunks were. I wanted it to shred easily and this is key. If you ask me, smaller pieces equal delicious and fork-tenderness. Don’t ask me about specifics, just “chunk it” alrighty. .

The following are some queries you may have regarding this beef cut: