How Difficult Is It To Make Beef Wellington

The Foie Gras

According to traditional Beef Wellington recipes, the beef should be covered in some kind of pâté, usually foie gras pâté, to add flavor and fat while it bakes. How can we improve upon this?.

How Difficult Is It To Make Beef Wellington

I sear off a few ounces of foie gras in a hot skillet, slice the slabs in half lengthwise, and layer them over the beef. What if we used real pieces of fresh seared foie gras instead of a pâté? When the Wellington is baked, the foie fat slowly renders and bastes the beef in its juices, resulting in a dish that oozes more juice than a fatty prime rib roast.

Don’t throw away the rendered fat from the skillet you used to sear the foie gras; use it to make mushroom duxelles instead.

Now that we have all of our components ready, it’s time to begin the assembly process.

Step by Step Overview:

The key to making beef Wellington is assembly; it’s not that hard to make. Let’s walk through the process.

Pulse some baby bella mushrooms, onion, garlic, and thyme to begin making the mushroom duxelles:

How Difficult Is It To Make Beef Wellington

For ten minutes, cook the mushroom mixture over medium-high heat to remove any moisture and turn the mushrooms into a gorgeous golden brown.

Tips for Best Results

Purchase center cut beef: Request a center cut piece of tenderloin from the butcher. This type of beef is occasionally available at stores under the “chateaubriand” label. This is the same cut from which filet mignon is made. Since the entire tenderloin is larger on one end and more tapered on the other—and because it is larger than you’ll need for this recipe—you should cut off those ends and use the center portion, which will cook more evenly due to its more even thickness.

Cook the mushrooms in an extremely hot pan. Consider the flavor difference between gray, steamed mushrooms and well-browned, slightly crisp-edged mushrooms. In this case, you want the latter to extract the baby bellas’ more intense and caramelized flavor. To achieve that, cook the duxelles in a very hot pan until the moisture is completely cooked out.

Use puff pastry made with real butter; do not purchase the inexpensive variety that isn’t even made with butter. Since the meat is already so expensive, this dish deserves authentic buttery puff pastry. I use Dufour brand.