Did Arbys Change Their Roast Beef

“@Arbys pls i am BEGGING you to bring back the ham & cheese sliders,” one fan tweeted last fall.

My dad and I would go together and split the five and some curly fries. Good times…” they wrote.

Alongside the launch of the iconic item, Arby’s will also be selling vintage designed T-shirts on ArbysShop.com.

Although customers are thrilled to be able to enjoy a $5 Classic Roast Beef Sandwich once more, the chain has been in trouble after removing a number of other items from its menu.

Several fast food chains, including Arby’s, are attempting to mix things up on their menu by adding both new and old items.

Yes, it does come pre-packaged in a weird solution

Urban legends have to come from somewhere, right? Snopes says the origin of the tall tale might be related to the admittedly weird way the meat is shipped to the store. Each Arbys location receives their roast beef in airtight bags, and when they get it, it does look a little suspect. Snopes describes it as “kind of grayish and rather soft and squishy”… and that doesnt sound like most traditional types of meat, does it?

The meat chunk is soaking in a “gelatinous broth,” they continue, so it’s probably not the meat you’re seeing in the bag. It’s simple to understand how someone who hasn’t opened the bag could assume that its contents aren’t entirely solid given the jelly-like broth, the strange color, and the squishiness of the contents. However, Arby’s and its staff reassure clients that this is simply untrue.

It’s cooked in the bag and sliced to order

In 2015, Arbys invested in redesigning their restaurants and their kitchens. Business Insider took the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes in one of the new locations before it opened, and got a peek at the processes that goes into serving up Americas favorite fast food roast beef. They found that while some of their meats — like the brisket — get to the store ready to slice and serve, the roast beef is slow-roasted in its strange bag for around four hours. Its only after that its put on the slicer and — surprisingly — is sliced to order only as customers are standing at the counter or sitting in the drive-thru.

Sounds unlikely, right? But its confirmed by numerous employees and former employees on Reddit, like this cook and cashier who replied to an IAmA thread by saying, “All of the roast beef is cooked daily and sliced to order just moments before it gets on the sandwich and into your hands. I know this sounds like Arbys propaganda, but its the absolute truth and one of the reasons why I was proud to work there compared to other fast-food.”