Can You Use White Wine In Beef Stew

The market stock gives us a full spectrum of vegetable flavors in this stew, and it’s lighter than stock from the store.

A lighter version of beef stew is beef stew with white wine. I use vegetable broth in addition to the white wine and a mixture of summer herbs. The outcome is a delicious stew that’s perfect for chilly spring evenings or any other time of year when you’re craving something a little lighter.

In many of my recipes, including this stew, I use Market Vegetable stock. This is a stock I make myself. To me, it is a no-brainer simple process. Each time I trim a stalk or cuttings that I won’t be eating, I store them in a freezer container. When I’m done, I simmer them to make stock. I then freeze the stock for later use. Please check out the full details.

I use dried herbs in the stew. For this red wine stew with beef broth, I’m using a milder combination of sage, thyme, rosemary, dried pepper, and fennel seed instead of bay leaves and/or rosemary. Since you only need two teaspoons of the mixture, I advise putting some of it in a jar so you can use it for numerous spring and summertime projects.

Stews take time. Make a plan for it; rushing will not produce the desired outcome. Additionally, be mindful of when to add the vegetables so as to avoid overcooking them.

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Why I Love This Recipe

Yes, you can cook beef with white wine. Using white wine and herbs de Provence, which go well together and lighten the entire dish, this recipe is a little lighter. Its delicious served with hot crusty French bread.

One pound of cubed stew beef, one medium sweet onion, two medium carrots, three diced ribs, celery, one tablespoon of herbs de Provence, one cup of white wine, one 28-oz can of fire-roasted crushed tomatoes, two cloves of minced garlic, eight ounces of cleaned and diced cremini mushrooms, four cups of beef broth, and two large Yukon Gold potatoes, diced

Preheat a large pot over medium-high heat with canola oil.

Add the beef to a zip-top bag, shake off excess flour, salt, and pepper, and then transfer to a pot. Brown for 3–4 minutes, then turn and brown for another 3–4 minutes.

Put the onion, carrots, mushrooms, and celery into the pot. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are tender, about 15 minutes.

Add the wine, tomatoes, and beef broth after stirring in the garlic and herbs de Provence and cooking for one minute.

Bring to a simmer and cook uncovered 1 1/2-2 hours.

When the potatoes are soft, add them and cover to cook for a further 20 minutes.