Can You Make Beef Wellington The Day Before

What is Beef Wellington?

You can almost hear Gordon Ramsay in the back of your mind when youre putting one of his most well-known recipes, Beef Wellington, together. Of course, he didnt invent the dish. According to his website, Beef Wellington was originally made in 1815 celebrating the Duke of Wellingtons victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

This 200-year-old recipe is actually fairly easy to put together. I can see why Ramsay becomes irate when the TV show contestants don’t make it look good. This simple Beef Wellington recipe only requires about 25 to 30 minutes of prep, with the remaining time being used for roasting in the oven or chilling in the refrigerator. I love recipes like this one; I know, 30 minutes of real work for something that looks so fancy is not unreasonable at all!

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Can You Make Beef Wellington The Day Before

There are 4 layers to Beef Wellington:

  • The perfectly seasoned and seared beef tenderloin, which keeps its juicy texture;
  • The duxelles, a mushroom paste flavored with butter, onions, and thyme;
  • Prosciutto, the third layer, is wrapped over the first two to keep everything together, add flavor, and seal in moisture.
  • And lastly, a layer of flaky, golden puff pastry covers everything. It’s so difficult to pick just one—they all taste so good, and taken as a whole, this dish truly steals the show! Is that my favorite layer?

One of those deceptively simple and quick recipes, beef Wellington is great for Sunday lunches, holidays like Christmas and Easter, or any time you have guests over. To save time, you can prepare the majority of it the night before, wrap it in puff pastry, and bake it the following day before supper. This dish is a hit with both kids and adults, and our little secret is that even picky eaters are unaware that it contains mushrooms!

Having made this many times over the years, I’m sharing the tricks and advice I’ve learned to make it turn out flawlessly each and every time!

Can You Make Beef Wellington The Day Before

Roll out the puff pastry

When you’re ready to bake, use a rolling pin to roll out a sheet of cold puff pastry on a surface that has been lightly floured. Once the sheet is the right size, brush off any excess flour. To prevent the puff pastry from warming up to room temperature, try to complete this step quickly. Similar to pie crust, it will be flakier the colder it is when it comes out of the oven.

Can You Make Beef Wellington The Day Before

Please, please, please use an all-butter puff pastry in this recipe. Not that cheap stuff made with vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated trans fat. I promise you, all-butter puff pastry is worth the cost. I buy Dufour brand, which I find at Whole Foods.

Roll up the tenderloin, and prep the outside

After taking out the tenderloin’s twine, cover it with puff pastry. Trim the ends as needed before sealing.

The beef should be wrapped and placed on a baking sheet; parchment paper is not necessary because the puff pastry is so buttery that it won’t likely stick. Before baking, use a sharp chef’s knife or paring knife to cut Xs in the top and brush with beaten egg wash (either an entire egg or just the yolk). The egg wash is crucial for color; without it, the puff pastry won’t have a golden appearance. The Xs are important for venting.

Can You Make Beef Wellington The Day Before

Now, place the entire sheet pan into the oven!