Can You Eat Deli Roast Beef While Pregnant

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Thankfully, even though it will take you roughly four months to get there, there is light at the end of that subway tunnel. As soon as your little foot-and-a-half-long arrives, you can safely and joyfully enjoy your footlong, packed with the coldest of cold cuts, because listeria risks cease to exist after delivery, even if you’ll be breastfeeding. In fact, you can place your order directly from the maternity bed. That is, if you’re still craving it.

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Is deli meat healthy?

Many processed meats, such as hot dogs, sausage, and lunch meat, are generally not the healthiest choices. Generally speaking, eating stuff like this can cause a number of health problems like cancer, high blood pressure, and more.

“These processed foods contain higher levels of saturated fats and sodium, making them less healthful overall,” Dr. Montes adds.

Why Can’t Pregnant Women Eat Deli Meat?

It’s highly likely that you have heard someone advise against consuming deli meats when expecting. It’s likely that you have heard others relate their own experiences of eating deli meats and everything working out okay.

The good news is that there is very little chance that deli meats will cause you to have a problem. Approximately 2,500 individuals will become infected with Listeria annually. This means it is extremely rare. But the issue with pregnant women is that they are more likely to contract it, which puts their unborn children at risk for life-threatening complications or even death.

The federal government has made significant efforts to stop the exposure to or spread of listeria. Listeria is killed by pasteurization and cooking. Nowadays, a food additive that helps prevent Listeria is sprayed on cold cuts before packaging.

If you have been eating deli meats and are pregnant, don’t freak out. The probabilities are in your favor that nothing has happened. Knowing that there is little chance of contracting Listeria from deli meats is crucial. On the other hand, you should be aware that Listeria exposure can have disastrous effects on your unborn child.